Paula can help you become your authentic self. If you are already waking up to "who you really are," Paula has received 40 years of education in the halls of acedamia and in life that can help you delve deeply into your own journey of self-discovery. If you have forgotten what that looks and feels like, she can help you rediscover it. She can help you uncover your true self because you already exist deep inside; Your true self manifests as your supportive thoughts, dreams, expectations, hopes... Your authentic self is simply covered up by your subconscious fears; the fear of failure, even the fear of success... Let go of old programming and you will suddenly awaken to a brand new life - just as Rip Van Winkle awakened to find himself in a brand new world.

Life Coach

An Ordinary Life Demonstrating How Life can be our Coach -- In Extraordinary Ways

Life is an intimate journey. I believe that nothing, nothing, nothing happens by chance. This book is in your hands for a reason. You are living in your body for a reason. We have found ourselves living in a smorgasbord of experiences, truths, and illusions. Soul has at Its disposal 7 billion ways to express Itself. Before we can recognize our unique reason for expression, we must first uncover who is the Soul that’s doing the expressing?

The Soul, the real-self is camouflaged by pain and drama stemming from drugs, alcohol, hate, war, anger, family circumstances, gambling, sex, religion, and even the Internet. This drama can cause us to hide the real self under the covers. We can get caught-up in our own thoughts, our own sticky InnerWeb. It is easy to find reasons to cower in fear, to dissociate from a world of great turmoil. It is also easy to come out angry and with fear—guns a blazing!


You will be amazed at the natural healing power that unfolds when you share your story with someone who deeply listens while not judging... and while letting your fears be released to Spirit. Much the way a priest listens in confession.

Discover Your Greatest Self.

A favorite quote from Neale Donald Walsch, "Become the grandest version of the greatest vision ever you held about who you are." That is exactly what Paula does when she works with you as your Life Coach. She helps you uncover hopes and dreams that are hidden deep inside your subconscious. Together, you open your awareness to greater expressions of mental, emotional and spiritual health.


Paula lives her life fully aware that Life is her Coach.

Paula lives her life fully aware that Life is her Coach. She states, “Life is everyone’s Coach—if we will just listen…then listen again.

The listening never ends as life in a physical body is never silent.” Paula has spent her entire life, beginning before birth, researching, talking with others, watching for life itself to lead her to greater awareness of who we are, where we come from, and where we go when we leave our bodies for the final time. She has learned from both the uplifting and enlightening experiences of life, as well as the dramatic and painful experiences of life.



To kick off my Summer reading list I picked up this book yesterday and can't seem to put it down. I have seen the term Life Coach more and more in recent years and wondered what the heck is a Life Coach, since more and more people from diverse backgrounds were claiming to be one. In Paula Flint's book, she brings clarity to the Inner Life coach we have had with us all along and how to tap into it to awaken our greatest potential for ourselves and the greatest benefit to all. Chock full of personal stories that may resonate with your own life's journey. An easy book (or in my case ebook) to put on anyone's Summer reading list. It may not be by just chance that this review came to you. I suggest you consider taking a quantum leap for yourself and pick up this book..

Kevin Magill

‘Note: you are a human being not a human doing. So start being all you can be today. It begins by investing in your self. We hear a lot about our outer selves, our hair, body size, clothing, etc. What about our inner selves? The person we live with 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Call me today. I can help you create a better life.".’


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